Cisco iOS routing

Making a static route on cisco iOS is rather easy!

With static routes you can tell your router (or any other network device) where to route the network traffic for a specified network to. This can be an Interface or IP address. The command looks like this:

iOS(config)# ip route <IP/network> <netmask> <gateway/interface>

So, if you know that network is behind router you’d do:

iOS(config)# ip route

If you want to add a default route, specify a network:

iOS(config)# ip route

And, last but not least, use a exit interface: ( is directly connected to FE1)

iOS(config)# ip route FE1

And at the end, you probably want to have a look at what you’ve done:

iOS(config)# show ip route static

or more specific, “grep” for a route or gateway:

iOS(config)# show ip route static | inc

As inc stands for include, see this post.

grep in Cisco iOS

As an alternative to the grep command in Linux, use include in Cisco iOS.

Linux grep:

# ip route show | grep 192.168.

iOS include:

# show ip route static | include 192.168.

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